On Society:

– Uneconomic Growth: When having more things makes us poorer

My first reaction visiting North America was “I like all the space”. I wasn’t even 10 years old but I appreciated that buildings were very far apart from one another and contained greenery in between.  Of course, I wasn’t paying anything for housing or transportation…

On Urban Typologies and Their Implications:

– ‘Downtown’ is a scary crime-ridden place… or is it?

All around the world, cities’ high density areas get a worse rep than they deserve crime-wise. When a newspaper decides to publish a story about the most dangerous places in town…

On Public Health:

– Would intersections be ‘safe’ if pedestrians followed the rules?

A few years ago a car-maker launched a viral ad where people waiting to cross an intersection were entertained by a dancing figure on the red pedestrian traffic light. Here I will take a more critical look at it…